Control the process
to control
the final product

Valma Consultores S.L. provides all the services needed to control all the process of a produce, from the growing in the place of origin to its selling in the destination market. It is an accurate chain of services thought to satisfy the needs of companies like yours.

Depending on your situation, you can rely on our services for one of the steps of your process or for the whole quality control procedure. Furthermore, we are specialists in Quality Control Inspections for prepared produce.


Implementation of Quality Management Systems

  • ISO 9001:08
  • ISO 14001:04
  • HACCP/Prerequisites/Traceability – Sanitary Record
  • ISO 22000 (Agro alimentary companies)
  • QS
  • EU Labelling
  • Produce Certifications
  • Environmental Licenses
  • Environment impact evaluations
  • Processing of the paperwork for hazardous waste generators (register as a taxpayer)
  • etc..

Quality Control Inspections of Prepared Produce

  • Inspection depending on the current regulations
  • Inspection of the premises and hygienic measures
  • External quality controls
  • Internal quality controls
  • Organoleptic analysis

Suppliers’ Audits

  • HACCP control audits
  • Standardization of suppliers
  • Production control audits
  • Product control in the place of origin and in the warehouse (quality of the produce according to the requisites, fruits and vegetables)
  • Field audits
  • Internal audits for different management systems (9001, 22000, etc.)

Microbiologic and Physical and Chemical Analysis of Food and Water

To ensure compliance with the current rules and the quality standards of the company, we rely on our own laboratory (Gesval Laboratorios S.L.) where we do all the analysis needed.



  • Food handler course
  • Environmental/Quality control management course
  • Intern audit course
  • Pallet lifter and forklift truck driving course
  • Development of specific courses depending on the needs of your company

Processing of Grants, Subsidies and Funding

All our services are offered under total confidentiality. Valma Consultores S.L. promises to:

  • Keep absolute confidentialityof all data or information obtained during the process of the activities out of the contractual scope.

  • Not to distribute in any way or media all the obtained data to third persons other that Valma Consultores S.L. personnel.